Today I’m defining instant offers, explaining the pros and cons, and introducing our own instant offer program.

iBuyers, also known as ‘instant buyers,’ provide sellers with an instant offer. By calling any one of the popular iBuyer companies (Opendoor, Offerpad, Zillow, etc.), sellers can forego the traditional real estate process and opt for quick cash. 

40% of sellers now get an opinion from an iBuyer before they sell their home. There is certainly a proper time and place for iBuyers in today’s market. They’re geared toward sellers who really need the convenience—i.e. you’re juggling life changes, you can’t show the home, and/or you just want to pick the closing date. 

Sellers who fall into this category should be aware that opting for the convenience of an iBuyer site will cost you money. Our market right now is really strong for sellers, especially when you start looking at specific price points. If you go the more traditional route and work with an agent, your listing will have mass appeal; countless buyers will see your home as opposed to just one or two iBuyers.

“If you choose us for an instant offer process, you’ll get more transparency and access to resources.” Nevertheless, depending on your situation, the instant offer route may still be the best for you. That’s why I’m proud to announce that we at Riddle Realty Group, powered by Keller Williams,  can now give you an instant offer. There may be other Realtors who see iBuyers as antithetical to what they do, but I truly believe there is a place for instant offers in the modern market. 

That’s right: We can give you a hassle-free instant offer, so you can skip the showings and close whenever you want. Having said that, we can also get it on the market, sell it for top dollar, and have you spend a lot less. 

I’ve seen some of these instant offers from Zillow and Opendoor cost people a ton (the highest I’ve seen was 18%). Through those popular iBuyer sites, you’ll get an immediate offer, but it will be followed by a home inspection paid for by taking money away from that very same offer! 

I won’t waste your time with a two-step process. I believe we could get you an instant offer that’s more realistic right off the bat in a short amount of time. We walk through your home and evaluate it, and then determine what we could get for it on the market if we were to list it through the MLS and hold showings. Then, based on that, we make you a fair offer. 

If you choose us for an instant offer process, you’ll get more transparency and access to resources. So if you’re interested in selling your home and are considering both options, please give us a call or reach out via email. I look forward to helping you find out the best plan for your situation.