Here's why you should get a good agent and put your home on the MLS.

Today we’re going to talk about investor offers and whether you, as a seller, should or shouldn’t consider them. When it comes to investor offers, you will see them advertise things like “no commissions paid,” “convenience,” “you set the closing date,” “no inconvenient showings,” and a lot of other things that are stressful points for sellers. Don’t fall for it!  YOU should make the most money possible on your home!  This market and the right agent can make it very EASY for you!

Why would anybody sell to an investor? It’s simply because they don’t understand what’s happening. An investor makes their money when they purchase your house, not when they sell. What you may not realize is what an investor does after they close on your home. They turn around and sell through the multiple listing system, through agents. They pay commissions and all of a sudden they have an audience of thousands of buyers. They end up making a whole lot more money.

“An investor makes their money when they purchase your house.”

There is a home in my subdivision that was purchased by an investor and then within a month sold by the same investor for $100,000 higher than they bought it for.  I believe that owner was uninformed.  You shouldn’t lose out on that money. Another example, if you’re working with an agent to list your home and that agent brings a buyer to you before you ever hit the market, they’re doing you a disservice too. Do not go that direction, get on the MLS, have an audience of thousands, and get the most out of your home.

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