Here’s all the information proving why we aren’t in a housing bubble.

Are we in a housing bubble? I haven’t been concerned about this for a while. However, this is something I know a lot of you have been worried about, so let me tell you: We aren’t in a bubble. I have a lot of information to share to back that statement up and calm your nerves a little.

You can watch my full message above or navigate around using the timestamps provided below for your convenience.

1:50—When you have a void of information

2:45—Risky loans 

3:53—Concerns over the outsized increases

4:51—Mortgage credit availability

5:35—Mortgage, debt, and affordability

6:24—House prices exceeded home-buying power in 2006

7:33—Housing affordability index

8:50—What this all means

9:44—Wrapping up

I know I threw a lot of graphs and information at you, but hopefully it helps you realize that today’s market is nothing like 2008’s when we had the last crash. 

Let me know if there’s anything else you want me to cover; I’d be more than happy to make a video over it. There’s even a $25 gift card in it for you if we choose your idea! Of course, if you want to reach out to me directly with questions, please feel free to call me.