Here’s an update on the Maricopa County real estate market amid a rise in coronavirus cases.

Our real estate market is like it was two or three weeks ago—still very strong. We have more buyers out looking for homes in the market than we have homes available for sale! We’re just waiting for new homes to come to the market so we can get these buyers under contract.

For sellers, that means now is the time. If you have a home to sell, let’s get it on the market! We can undertake any health measures you deem necessary to keep you and your family safe, like virtual showings that enable buyers to view your entire home from the safety of their own homes—which means they won’t need to come to yours. For those who do want an in-person visit, we can implement masks, gloves, and frequent disinfection to prevent the potential spread of the virus, as well as having the buyers’ agent there so that they don’t have to physically touch anything in the home. We’ve got you covered.

“Ours is a solid, healthy market.”

Meanwhile, don’t you worry about your home’s value. Many are concerned about getting less for their homes, but the reality is the opposite: With the number of buyers outpacing the number of available homes, demand has skyrocketed in favor of sellers, which is great news for home values. We’re even getting multiple offers on homes all the way up to the $650,000 price range.

The reason there are so many buyers in the market is that interest rates right now are great, and buyers can still get financing for the homes they love even during the pandemic.  The only drawback is that there aren’t enough homes to satisfy demand!

Hopefully, this helps to counterbalance all the negative news we’re constantly exposed to these days. Ours is a solid, healthy market, and if you have any questions about buying or selling homes, feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to help.