Whether you’re buying or selling, our 2021 market outlook is good.

Today I’ll answer all the latest questions you may have concerning our 2021 real estate market. More and more people are moving into our state, and we’re still very much in a seller’s market. The real story, though, is interest rates—this January, we hit another record low. Does this mean we’ve reached the top of the market?

Feel free to watch the video above in its entirety to find out, or use these timestamps to skip ahead to various sections at your leisure: 

1:09—Arizona has become a popular state for Californians (and the rest of the country) to migrate to

2:11—It’s a seller’s market, but is that a bad thing for buyers?

3:23—Low interest rates, low interest rates, low interest rates

3:58—Why renters and investors would be well-advised not to try waiting out the market

5:16—New builds are up 24%, which is very important

6:05—What the year-over-year sales volume and appreciation numbers mean

7:04—Wrapping things up 

As always, if you have questions about our market or are thinking of buying or selling a home soon, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m happy to help.